Case Example: Hotel

The Hotel is 110,000 square feet, and the retrofit is new LEDs. There are extensive local rebates and a low $0.09 KWH rate for power.
The initial proposed project was three (3) year ROI when looking only at the energy savings.

The SSCS Solution
Solid State Capital Services brought EPAct and Abandonment benefits to the table AND offered a 5-year lease financing option. For this client Zero (0) money out of pocket, positive cash flow YEAR ONE and what was a three-year ROI is now +$17,000.00 over those same three years.
The property owner said it best, "We would not have done this renovation without the changes brought to us by SSCS."
Solid State Capital Services is more than a service provider or a simple vendor. Let us help you close more business.

Solid State Capital Services was created to focus exclusively on LED lighting technology and to assist the customer (Owner / owner representative – architect, lighting designer, and engineer) by providing the experience, expertise and tools to achieve faster payback. SSCS does this by addressing:
• EPAct 2005 tax benefits under section 179D
• Section 1245 / 1250 (depreciation / abandonment (of replaced fixtures)
• Energy rebates from local utilities
• Significantly less maintenance including labor / bulb cost, etc.
• Vetting and qualifying the LED manufacturer to ensure quality and compliance for tax purposes