Case Example: Parking Garage

A 100,000 square foot parking garage purchased on 2003 will provide the following and EPAct Benefits after a retrofit with a Cooper Quadcast Parking Garage Fixture
• EPAct - $60,000 in tax deductions up to the total capital cost of the renovation
• Abandonment - On or about an additional $30,000
• Total Tax Deduction - $90,000

The SSCS Solution
SSCS provides both the Abandonment and EPAct Certification to enhance REXEL's and your client's ROI for this lighting renovation.

Solid State Capital Services was created to focus only on LED lighting technology and to assist the customer (Owner / owner representative – architect, lighting designer, and engineer) by providing the expertise and tools to achieve faster payback. SSCS does this by addressing:
• EPAct 2005 tax benefits under section 179D
• Abandonment of retired assets
• Vetting and qualifying the LED manufacturer to ensure quality and compliance for tax purposess